At Soul Fire, we do everything from production to packaging in house. We are a small brewery that cares about every single can we produce. By keeping everything in house, we can have total control and can ensure our product is of the highest quality.

Our beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised to keep them as natural as possible. We use only superior quality ingredients from our hops, malt and yeast to any fruits or herbs that maybe used in the process. We let the flavour of our final product speak for itself.

Soul Fire is built on four core values that we think make for a great brewery:


              Quality: Our beer is brewed using the highest quality ingredients to a consistently high standard.

              Equality: We make beers for all. Whether you are new to craft beer or have been on the scene for a while, we have something for you. From table beers and lagers to IPAs, sours and imperial stouts. We brew them all.

              Passion:At the very core of Soul Fire is passion. It’s in our name. We hope to ignite that fire in your soul for craft beers from the very first taste of our beer.

              Educate:We are on a continual learning curve here at Soul Fire. We never get comfortable. We are always open to new ideas and continually refining our brewing techniques to bring you only the very best.