We have a small brewery where everything is made by hand. We have a small Duofiller canning machine and Mt-50 labelling machine so that we can package everything in house and keep control of the quality.

Our beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised, as natural as possible. Made from quality ingredients: hops, malt and yeast. Some styles may be blended with various spices, fruits, herbs and wood. Particular beer style preferences are hoppy IPAs, big flavourful stouts and fruity sours.


              Quality: Range of quality beers produced to a consistently high standard.

              Beers for all: To have approachable beers for everyone from lagers, pale ales, IPAs to more complicated imperial stouts and fruited sours.

              Passion: Keeping a passion for making beers by continually developing processes with new techniques to make even better beer for you.

              Educate: Educating customers and suppliers on beer. From the effect different types of hops, malt and yeast have on beers to various styles of beer from modern to classic. Everyone has different tastes and preferences. We hope to match beer styles to your preferences.